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Kickstart Your Business Online Course!

If predictions failed, what tools would you have? Would you like your business to have access to 19 brilliant business consultants with creative-edge business tools?

Take our “Kickstart Your Business Online Course” filled with videos from the Joy of Business Facilitators on topics like the 3 people your successful business requires, stopping avoiding your finances, procrastination, working with staff, and changing tracks with ease.

A video from Simone Milasas

Founder of Joy of Business

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Simone Milasas & the JCFs 

Simone and our Joy of Business Facilitators are supporting you with special tools, they all use on a daily basis to create their business and life. 

This is not only for new businesses, you can apply these tools to kick start or just give your business the kick it requires right now!

Go through each video and use the tools that work for you. You will also find a summary for each video as a downloadable PDF.

Watch The Course Anywhere! 

You can watch the course anywhere. Use your laptop, tablet or smart phone using the Kajabi App. 

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