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A Three Month Challenge with Joy of Business

What is this challenge? 

What if instead of judging what’s right or wrong about everything, including you, your financial reality, your life and your business (among other things!), everything was just an interesting point of view?

Being interesting point of view is a practice and this challenge takes the guesswork out of it!

Are you ready to give up your problems and create a life where everything is a possibility?

Starting 1st April 2020, join Joy of Business for a three month challenge on using the tool Interesting Point of View 

What's in the challenge? 

- Three months in a Private Facebook group with Joy of Business Facilitators! 

- Tools to rock your world! 

- Videos & posts from different facilitators around the world who use these tools in their every day lives!


A video from Simone Milasas

Founder of Joy of Business

Join The Challenge

Simone Milasas & the JCFs 

Simone and our Joy of Business Facilitators will be supporting you with special videos in the Facebook Group, they all use these tools on a daily basis to create their business and life. 

This challenge is for everyone. This is not only for people in business, you can apply this to every area of your life!

"Interesting point of view is total freedom from getting stuck in any fixed point of view." - Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness

NOTE: Joining this challenge may change your life.

Interesting Point Of View Challenge with Joy of Business

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